Dirt and Earth Moving Services

Our services do not just end with tree services! We are out moving dirt every day in neighborhoods just like yours!

Our licensed and insured dirt movers can handle any of your jobs, whether its grading your back yard in preparation for a new pool, your front yard for a new driveway, or even preparation for a slab for that huge shop you got to have to store all the toys!

Property drainage an issue? We can fix that! We install drainage pipes, culverts for driveways, we can even cut in trenches for proper drainage as well!

When you request a consultation with Fricke’s Tree Service, we discuss your goals and plan for your property, provide recommendations and formulate a plan and budget that suits your needs.

Dirt and Earth Work

Proper Preparation and Excavation

Whether its land clearing, or preparation for a foundation, the proper excavation is essential to getting your project rolling in the right direction!

We bring in the right tools for the job, give us a call and lets see what we can do for your next project.

Need something as simple as moving dirt around your property? Or maybe you got a new pool and want to have that dirt moved into position to take the load off the shovels! We move earth! Whether its rock, dirt, mulch, stumps; we move it all! Another big request for our Central Florida clients would consist of a way to manage property drainage. Living so close to sea level and the never predictable rain patterns here in Florida, having a properly planned drainage system for your property can save you THOUSANDS in repair bills. Does any of this sound familiar? Give us a call, we can trench your property, and if needed, we can even install culverts to maintain your driveway access.
Got the perfect piece of land, but keep finding yourself sinking your mower in a specific place in the yard? Or maybe you would like a little more scenic view of your backyard pond? We can bring in fill dirt by the dump truck load, literally! Whether you are wanting a full blown peninsula formed into that backyard pond, or simply filling in some low lying areas of your yard to prevent the creation of the next mud hole, we got you covered! We move the earth on your property and can mould it however you see fit!
Got a property that needs a new driveway formed? Or may that new property just needs to be a little more level before you can begin construction of your dream home? We can grade your property in as little as a couple hours depending on the scale of the job. Whether you need the property cut in, or need us to bring in loads of dirt to build it up for that new foundation, we got you covered! We've handled many projects ranging from foundation preparation, driveway and road grading, to smaller jobs as simple as grading for an outdoor patio addition. Give us a call and lets discuss your needs!
Got an area of land that you would like to have dug out? Maybe you want your very own backyard aquatic getaway? Sound too good to be true? Think again! We can remove and haul off the un-needed dirt that stands in place of your very own back yard pond! Think about it, you could be stocking your very own fishing ponds to be enjoyed by you and yours for years to come! Give us a call, and lets get this ball rolling!

What we can do for you?

Here we have some of our most common service requests, but at Fricke's Tree Service there really is no limit to what we can do. With any of our services, we guarantee you:

  • Professional Quality work done on time
  • Competitive pricing with Free Estimates
  • Work from a Licensed Hardworking Team of Professionals
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers ask us to remove the tree clippings from a trim job or tree removal. This is no problem for us, many times we mulch the trimmings on site and haul off. Other clients have opted to have us leave trimmings for their personal discard, this is fine too and typically can save you a little on the upfront cost of the job.
At Fricke's Tree service we have removed all types of trees in all situations. Whether you have a tree that has died and poses a safety hazard, or you have an oak tree that has overgrown your property; we can remove or trim it down to your liking. As far as types of trees, we service all species of trees that are native to the Central Florida Region
Start out by contacting us, we can discuss your project and have somebody visit your property to give you an accurate and free estimate on site. From that point, we will schedule a day to perform the job.
Most of the time trees in hard to reach areas require a lot more attention to detail, and sometimes heavier equipment may be required to more safely remove the tree. Don't hesitate to call us and have one of our specialists come out and assess your project and we can make it happen!
We service many commercial housing complexes, we can remove or trim back as many trees or shrubs as needed.
  • Did you know...?

    92% of Fallen Tree Insurance Claims could have been avoided with proper tree trimming and maintenance prior to Hurricane Season? Contact Us today and lets discuss removing the threat of damage to your home.

  • Did you know...?

    Proper care and maintenance not only promotes your trees' growth and yield. But it also provides nutrient rich soil, further beautifying your landscape and helping develop a more well rounded eco-system on your property.