26 Aug
Preparing your Property for the Storm.

Living in Florida, extreme weather like tropical storms and hurricanes isn’t too out of the ordinary. But with the massive amount of wind, rain, and debris that will be attacking not only your house, but your yard as well, it can be hard to know how to prepare your yard for the oncoming weather. Below are a few simple tips to follow when getting your yard hurricane ready.

Inclimate or in some cases extreme weather like hurricanes or tropical depressions are not unheard of if you are familiar with Florida weather. When battening down the hatches in preparation for the monsoon of rainfall and tearing winds that these storms are capable of producing, you might want to turn some early attention to your lawn and the environment surrounding your home. Here are some tips to better prepare your property for these storms.

1. Trim dead branches that may be within reach of your windows or roof. In windy conditions these branches can remove shingles, take out eaves, gutters, or even windows if they are close enough.

2. Mow your lawn a couple days ahead of the storm, not only does shorter grass accumulate less debri, but a mud soaked yard is no fun to mow and can wreak havoc on your lawn equipment.

3. Stake your younger trees to prevent them from becoming unearthed in higher winds. Make sure your stakes are driven deep into the ground and your ties are secure.

4. If you have taller potted plants, it may be advantageous to turn them on their sides and secure them, this will prevent them from being blow over and causing damage to themselves or surrounding objects.

5. If you are in a low lying area, you may want to consider sandbagging any or all entrances to your home to try and prevent water from entering your home.

6. Pickup and lock away any lawn toys or ornaments that may become hazards projectiles with 70+mph winds.

7. Clear any and all drainage pathways of debri beforehand. Your gutter system is only designed to carry water away from your home, not hold water. If there is a blockage in your gutters, water will accumulate and many times cause the gutter system to fail completely.

8. Unplug your irrigation system controller and/or pump, your irrigation system is especially susceptible to lightning damage.

9. Store any chemicals, cleaners, insecticides, or automotive liquids inside where they cannot be spilled or knocked over to contaminate your property.

10. Seek advice from a Professional! Giving us a call to come out will be able to give you an idea of how “Hurricane Ready” your lawn may be. While preparing for any storm will never be 100%, with our professional by your side, we can put our best foot forward in preparing your property to weather these storms.

After the Storm

Were hoping that your property weathers the storms perfectly fine without issue. However, here are a couple things to consider after the storms have passed.

Sewage Overflow
See standing water near your sewage system? Sewage backup can often occur near your home, and its best to steer clear of these areas. Do not let your children or even your pets in the affected areas until a proper cleanup has been performed.

Clean Up Procedures
Every municipality differs in their procedure for storm cleanup. If you are facing heavy debri in your neighborhood, it could be days to even weeks before this debri is cleared. You can help out by keeping debri organized to make the cleanup job more efficient.

Contact a Professional
If you find that your property needs a little more attention than you are able to handle yourself, we can assist you with your storm debri cleanup! We have worked side by side with government agencies in the past large scale debri operations, so rest assured, we can get your property in top shape in no time!

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